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The Port of Vicksburg 
One of America's top inland ports

If your company is looking for quick access connections and facilities inland, look to Vicksburg and Warren County. Halfway between Memphis and New Orleans on the Mississippi River, Vicksburg has been a key river port since the early 1800's. 

The Port of Vicksburg owned and operated by Warren County and the Warren County Port Commission began in 1968 and has risen to be one of the top inland Ports in America.  In 2004, the Port of Vicksburg was ranked 11th among U. S. Inland Ports based on trip ton miles.  

Truck traffic alone is in excess of 165,000 plus trucks annually.  The annual tonnage imported and exported is approximately 800,000 to 900,000 tons.  The above 1,200 jobs does not include the many truck drivers, boat operators and rail employees working to maintain the Port of Vicksburg.  The Port of Vicksburg is approximately 55 acres with a potential 600 acres available for future development.  

TWIC is utilized at the Port of Vicksburg . The branch office in Vicksburg , operated by TSA, is located at 1401 Adams Street , Vicksburg , MS 39180 . For more information or to obtain a TWIC card, please call the TWIC Help Desk at 1-866-347-8942 or visit www.tsa.gov/twic  (please hyperlink the web address). Click here to check the status of your card. 

The Port of Vicksburg has twenty-one business and industries operating at the Port employing over 4,000 employees.  The Port is a designated Foreign Trade
, Port of Entry, and maintains a United States Customs service. 

Located on a slack-water harbor, this 422-acre (and growing) port consists of a harbor channel 9550 feet long, with minimum 300-foot width, and 12-foot minimum depth.   An approach channel 4850 feet long with 150-foot minimum width and 12-foot minimum depth, connects the harbor channel to Vicksburg Harbor.

The Port maintains a 150-ton crane, two 15-ton overhead cranes, all-weather loading and unloading, and 129,000 square feet of insured and sprinklered warehouse space.

A rail and road loop allows direct access from barge to truck to rail.  Liquid warehouse facilities, barge fleeting, and marshalling services, and barge cleaning and refurbishing services are available.

A project to enlarge the Yazoo Diversion Canal, our entrance to the Port, just been completed to accommodate our Port resident industries.

Don't Need River Frontage?

The Warren County Port Commission, in an effort to create more industrial sites, developed the Ceres
Research and Industrial Interplex
,  The 1340-acre park's location on Interstate 20, just 30 minutes from Jackson and 10 miles from Vicksburg, makes it an ideal industrial center for mid-Mississippi and the mid-South.

 Port Commission Staff

Executive Director
Wayne Mansfield

Project Manager
Beverly Steward



Risk Management

A City and County Emergency drill administered by the 47th Civil Support Team (WMD) from the State of Mississippi National Guard was held in Vicksburg to ascertain the communitiesí strengths and weaknesses.

This exercise took months of planning and those participating included the FBI, City and County Law enforcement, the United States Coast Guard, City of Vicksburg Fire Departments, the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the Department of Homeland Security, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, American Red Cross, the Mississippi Department of Health, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Salvation Army, River Region Health System, the National Park Service, the Kansas City Railroad,  the Vicksburg-Warren School District, the majority of businesses and industries at and around the Port of Vicksburg and the river front, plus many others

To date, there has been NO breach of security at or near the Port of Vicksburg or the Mississippi River Bridges .  The Port of Vicksburg tenants and surrounding companies meet quarterly with local law enforcement officials (City and County), fire officials, governmental and military officials to perfect their Action Plan according to the Homeland Security Act mandate.  Essential information and contact numbers necessary to response quickly and efficiently have been compiled to ensure our industry and businesses are aware and prepared for any emergency to protect our port and our community.